Keep Up To Date With The Trends Predicted To Be Huge In 2024

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As we bid farewell to 2023, we eagerly anticipate the untapped possibilities and opportunities that the New Year holds. As we embark on this journey, many of us have set resolutions, ranging from ambitious aspirations to smaller, achievable goals. Recognizing the significance of enhancing our living spaces, we’ve endeavoured to alleviate some of your interior design concerns. To guide you in staying ahead of the curve, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the top five interior trends that are poised to make a significant impact in the coming year.


Textured Interiors

Gone are the days of sleek, minimal finishes dominating our interiors. Designers now anticipate a surge in natural textures that foster a cosier atmosphere. The era of clinical, shiny aesthetics is fading as homeowners seek a comfortable sanctuary for unwinding and relaxation within their living spaces.

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Natural Elegance

A significant trend for 2024 revolves around the utilisation of natural materials and the prominence of earthy brown shades. Anna Brockway, Chairish’s president and co-founder, notes the rising popularity of natural materials in upholstery, painted cabinetry and general décor. With neutral brown tones projected to soar in the coming year, the appeal of a relaxed, homely ambiance created by natural furnishings is undeniable. If your New Year’s resolution includes embracing sustainability, peruse our collection of eco-friendly products that address both aesthetic and ethical concerns.


Personalised Expression

The mantra “less is more” is losing its hold in 2024 as designers advocate for personalised spaces. The default choice of minimalist interiors is making way for individual expression, urging people to craft a unique look beyond replicating Pinterest trends. We’re excited to introduce new and unique fabrics soon. In the meantime, explore our latest collections here.


Farewell to Grey

Grey’s reign is over in 2024, making room for warmer beige and brown tones that exude a cosier ambiance. This shift signifies a desire for warmth and comfort, departing from the cooler, neutral tones of the past. Embracing rich browns and beiges allows for a versatile palette that can harmonise with vibrant or muted colours, creating a timeless and inviting atmosphere. This departure from the dominance of grey aligns with a broader trend of creating tranquil spaces connected to nature, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for residents and guests alike.


Bouclé’s Evolution

Bouclé, having enjoyed prominence in sofas and cushions, is evolving in 2024, extending its influence into bedrooms. Say goodbye to conventional white and cream options and opt for lively bouclé textures to infuse excitement and dynamism into your space. Vibrant bouclé not only adds visual interest but also injects energy, creating a stimulating and inviting environment—perfect for a cosy night in!


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