Amidst increasing energy costs and harsher winters, people are actively seeking cost-effective ways to heat their homes. Over the last few years, numerous innovative ideas, strategies, and products emerged, all aimed at curbing energy expenses.

In response to this evolving market, Create Fabrics collaborated with Jodie Johnston, a furniture design student from York St. John University. Together, we worked to introduce a novel product designed to alleviate the burden of high energy bills while providing a cosy and warm home environment.

Keep reading for a rundown of Jodie’s heated armchair journey!

The Heated Armchair Concept

Jodie began her journey with a vision: to develop a cost-effective, cosy, and visually appealing piece of furniture. The heated armchair was the chosen design, promising to revolutionise the way we experience warmth and comfort in our homes.

The Quest for the Perfect Material

Central to the creative process was the selection of the ideal material. It had to tick several boxes: practicality, universality, and, most importantly, suitability for the project’s purpose. After thorough research and deliberation, there was no other choice than our very own Hoover Boucle fabric. Our Hoover fabric was the perfect option, offering not only a warm and comfortable touch but also showcasing remarkable hard-wearing properties, boasting a rub test score of over 45,000.

A Sustainable Approach

In our current climate where environmental responsibility takes centre stage, both Create Fabrics and Jodie agreed that Jodie’s design was as gentle on the planet as it was on its users. The Hoover Boucle fabric stood as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, consisting of up to 90% Post Consumer Recycled PES. It was the clear choice for creating a gorgeous innovative piece of upholstery whilst also making an eco-conscious statement through the piece of furnishing.

The Ingenious Heat Element

To make the heated armchair even more extraordinary, Jodie developed a heating element that was both simple and cost-effective. The heat element can be activated through a small remote discreetly attached to the chair’s inside arm. This innovative solution ensures that warmth and comfort are always at the user’s fingertips, providing an unparalleled level of convenience.

The Results

After meticulous research and development, Jodie’s heated armchair project yielded remarkable results:

Cost-Effective Operation: The heated armchair, which offers a cosy and warm home environment, runs at a mere 3-5 pence per hour, making it a highly cost-effective solution for keeping yourself warm during the colder months.

Sustainability at its Core: With up to 90% recycled materials used, the heated armchair stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, reducing environmental impact.

Resilient and Safe: The Hoover Boucle fabric utilised in the project is not only warm and comfortable but is also water and fire-resistant, enhancing its durability and safety properties.

The Heated Armchair Project, born from the collaborative efforts of Create Fabrics and Jodie Johnston, has not only redefined the way we experience warmth and comfort but has also set a high standard for sustainability and innovation in the world of furniture design. As we embrace this creation, we take a step closer to a cosier, more sustainable, and cost-effective future for our homes.

A big thank you to Jodie Johnston for all of her hard work during the project and creating a great product using our fabrics! You can follow Jodie’s future work here.

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