Four Of The Best Colour Combinations

Choosing the correct colour scheme for an interior or upholstery project can often be the hardest part of the whole process! However simply choosing a paint or fabric colour is not enough. We have included our favourite 4 colour combinations that you perhaps wouldn’t expect to work but surprisingly compliment each other beautifully! Take a look at our recommendations below.


Royal Blue & Peach

A gorgeous colour palette for a bedroom, modern living area or even for motor interiors! We really think the mix of the dark blue and the pop of peach pink is going to be a real hit this spring/summer. Did you know that peach represents femininity, and blue symbolises masculinity, thus creating a gorgeous balance.

Image Credit: Nippon Paint

We have got the perfect pastel peach to transform your next project. Just take a look at our Zouk180 fabric below!


Lime Green & Pink

A modern classic. Sitting opposite each other on the colour wheel this combination is a perfect pairing for a unique and bold interior. Most would think this to be a recipe for disaster, however with the right shades and in proportion this combination can help to transform an interior.

Image Credit – Loveproperty

This combination isn’t however limited to interiors; are you a motor upholsterer? Try a mix of pink and green in your next project, and our Freedom CTR502 fabric is the perfect choice! We promise you won’t regret it!


Mustard & Forest Green

The combination of mustard and forest green can really help to create a bold and bright interior. Whilst green is associated with nature and its calming feel, adding a pop of mustard instantly energises the once boring green and creates a timeless and effortless look. We would suggest adding contrasting cushions to make this combo work, also perfect for seasonal swap outs!

Image Credit – Jeweled Interiors

Now, with over 5500 fabrics we have many green and yellow hues that we believe would go perfectly with this trend, however our favourite pairing is our CTR1994 and CTR1997 fabric from our Muscat Collection. The perfect contrast! Take a look at these gorgeous hues below.


Lilac & Yellow

Lilac can work well with many other colours due to it being a very neutral and calming hue. However, a gorgeous bright yellow is our favourite pairing. Yellow injects instant warmth and happiness into a space and is a perfect combo for spring! Bringing a new lease of life to your space.

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