Prepare For Spring With Create Fabrics

It is creeping upon us! The official start of spring is the 20th March, so this is your one month’s warning to start preparing for the longer and lighter nights with a fabric refresh.  

We know trends are forever changing so let us give you some tips and tricks for how to stay up to date with this season’s must-haves!

  1. Bye to Boucle

To everyone’s dismay, cosy and curly fabrics are out. Whilst boucle fabrics have been a big hit over the past couple of years, the trends are now shifting from a curved and soft interior to a more timeless interior. This means a return of wood furniture and materials such as weave, velvet and chenille. 

However if you are still as obsessed with boucle as we are there is still room to add this gorgeous fabric to your interior through throws, cushions and headboards, creating a subtle but cosy feel to your home. Take a look at our wide range of boucle fabrics here.

  1. The Comeback of Colour!

The past few years have been very much about a clean & minimal look. However, the time for colour is now! Spring is the time for early morning sun beaming through your windows and what better way to enhance this feeling than with a beautifully bright interior! We recommend gorgeous golden hues that reflect the sun or a timeless velvet to add an effortless shimmer to your interior. 

  1. It’s Time to Head Outdoors!

We may be being slightly optimistic here but it is time to plan for the good weather! There is no better feeling than finally being able to open your patio doors and let your interiors spill out into your gardens. Try adding some luxury cushions to a tired outdoor area. However, buying brand new isn’t always an affordable option and instead many of us turn to reupholstering them instead. But with so many fabrics out there you might be wondering what fabrics are suitable for recovering your cushions. Try our range of easy clean fabrics for a long lasting effortless look. 

  1. Express Yourself

Finally, the main ‘trend’ for spring is to not follow the trends! Yes we agree, we all need some guidance and inspo every now and again but it is the season to express your personality through your interior. Many design experts have seen the shift in design in the previous few months and just expect it to grow with people moving out of their comfort zones and no longer trying to create the ‘perfect’ home but instead creating THEIR perfect home! 

We hope you enjoyed this article but if you do have any further questions about our fabrics or would like to set up a trade account, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or speak to us on: 01924 72 87 53.

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