Ways To Design Your Home With Printed Fabrics

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When you are redesigning the interior of your home fabric will play a large part. From curtains to cushions, printed fabrics are a great way to add your own personal touch to your space. However, it isn’t just the obvious areas that can use fabric. There are many ways to inject some fun, colour and patterns onto your decor, many of them inexpensive and an easy DIY project.

If you are looking for some inspiring ways to use printed fabrics to decorate your home read on.


1. Hang a large tapestry

A huge tapestry print will make a stunning feature wall. Find a print that you love and mount it to your wall for an eye catching, original focal point


2. Mount fabric to canvas to create unique wall art

For beautiful, unique wall art, mount your favourite printed fabric to a box canvas. Choose a bold print and create a collection of different sized pieces to spruce up your walls.


3. Create a canopy

For an interesting way to use a gorgeous fabric that has caught your eye try creating a DIY indoor canopy. This is a perfect addition to a cosy snug or above the bed.


4. Ottomans or footstools

Footstools and ottomans are a lovely way to introduce printed fabrics into your scheme. Perfect if you are just looking for a few subtle patterned features.


5. Cover a plain lampshade 

Bring a bland lampshade up to date by covering it with a beautiful printed fabric.


6. Wall mounted magazine rack

Create a unique wall mounted magazine rack with a few dowels and a bright printed fabric. The perfect way to turn storage into style.


7. Placemats

In the dining room inject some colour with placemats made from a wonderful printed fabric. If it takes your fancy you could create different placemats for different occasions.


8. Napkins

Like placemats bespoke napkins will go down a treat at your next dinner party. Mix it up for an eclectic look or go for a careful matching look.


9. Line a wooden tray

Display your accessories beautifully by lining a wooden tray with a pretty printed fabric. This inexpensive DIY idea will look fabulous and add a little chic to a plain tray.


10. Table runner 

A printed fabric looks fantastic as a table runner against a plain table cloth. Brighten up your dining room with an adventurous print.


11. Decorate planters

Plants indoors are a wonderful addition, they are good for you and they look lovely. Why not make them a feature by covering planters in an attractive printed fabric?


12. Cover a notice board with fabric

For a busy household a notice board is a common feature. To do lists, letters, notes, etc. By covering a noticeboard with a printed fabric your practical organiser becomes a thing of beauty.

There you have it, 12 interesting ways to use printed fabric to decorate your home. Browse our fabric collection for inspiration.

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