The Perfect Fabrics For All Your Upholstery Needs

Fabric Dressed Over A Chair

At Create Fabrics it is no secret that we love fabrics. All of them. We pride ourselves on bringing to you an extensive range that can be used in a variety of ways. From cushions to sofas, curtains to blinds and all that is in between.

Our fabric is always of the highest quality so you can be certain that it will last and continue to look its best for years to come.

There are certain types of fabrics that are suited to various uses. Some are harder wearing and make great sofa or seat cushions. Others are more delicate and suited to areas or items with less arduous use.

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Sofas and Seating 

For sofas and seats you will need to choose a fabric that is hard wearing and can withstand lots of sitting. This is where the rub test comes in. In this test the fabric is rubbed numerous times until it starts to show wear. The number of rubs attributed to a fabric indicates its sturdiness. For domestic use it is recommended that a rub of no less than 25,000 is chosen. However we have a variety of fabrics that go well beyond this. Basically the higher the number of rubs the harder wearing the fabric will be. 

A great fabric to choose for seating is polyester or a chenille with a high rub test.



The fabric that you choose for you curtain depends on where they will be and what look you would like to achieve. Floaty linen curtains can look fabulous, however their light billowy nature can make them difficult to maintain. Polyester curtain fabric is an excellent choice, they will hang beautifully, look great and are easy to clean. However, polyester does have a tendency to absorb odours, which is why we wouldn’t recommend polyester for a kitchen. In the kitchen cotton is the best choice. A polyester cotton mix is a good compromise throughout the rest of the house.



As cushions are strictly speaking decorative they don’t require the same level of durability as seat cushions. A rub of 10,000 – 15,000 is perfectly acceptable for a cushion. Of course you can go higher, however you may want to choose a lighter softer fabric for your cushions. The idea behind cushions is to decorate your space, the main function is to add some colour, texture and personality. Especially if you are dressing a plain sofa. The cushions you choose will break up the block of colour and create a comfortable inviting space. Bear this in mind when choosing your cushion fabric. 

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