Fabric Treatments Available at Create Fabrics

Treatment Bottles For Fabrics

When you choose your perfect fabric from the Create Fabrics you will want to keep it looking its best for years to come. We know that accidents happen and offer a range of treatments to help to keep your fabric in beautiful condition.


We offer the following treatments for your trade order of fabrics.


Flame Retardant Treatment

For the ultimate in peace of mind our fire retardant treatment prevents combustion. With every household enjoying burning beautifully scented candles the fire retardant treatment adds a protective layer to your fabrics. Reducing the rate that a fabric burns and the chance of catching fire in the first place means that you can rest assured that your fabric and home is protected.


Soil and Stain Treatment

In a busy home with children, pets, guests and family members rushing around it is inevitable that accidents happen. The good news is that with our soil and stain treatment these spills don’t have to mean the end for your fabrics. Creating a protective layer on your fabric our soil and stain treatment prevents stains from soaking in and setting. It is always advisable to wipe clean spills as best you can as soon as possible. However you can be confident that with our protective treatment wiping them clean will be easy. 

The soil and stain treatment is the ultimate in easy maintenance, keeping your fabrics clean and looking as good as new for years to come.


Waterproof Treatment

Much like stains, water can be incredibly damaging to fabrics. For reassurance that your fabrics will have a long life of looking fabulous, our waterproof treatment is a must. Whether you are catering for a domestic or commercial setting our waterproof treatment will give you fabric that is easy to maintain. Our waterproof treatment adds a protective layer to your fabric, when water is spilled instead of soaking in it sits on the surface. You can easily wipe off excess water and leave no water damage behind.


Contract Crib 5 Fire Retardant Treatment

For contract projects Crib 5 fire retardant treatment is essential. Due to the fabric being used in a commercial setting certain regulations have to be adhered to. Our Crib 5 fire retardant treatment ensures that the fabric passes the necessary Crib 5 tests reducing combustion rates. No matter what fabric you choose it can be used commercially.


You can order the treatment you require when logged in on the same page as the fabric.

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