What To Look For In A Textile Supplier For Your Furniture Manufacturing Company?

For any furniture manufacturing company, having the right fabric supplier is essential for the success of their business. Designers spend a good deal of time and effort to produce new furniture models and they need a reliable supplier who offers the latest fabrics and styles. Delayed shipments, poor quality fabric, and other issues can be prevented if your furniture manufacturing company chooses the right textile supplier.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the factors that make a good textile supplier for your furniture manufacturing company:

Acceptable Lead Times – it is important to choose a textile supplier that is able to deliver fabric within an acceptable timeframe. An efficient textile supplier typically ships their products within three weeks after a confirmed order.

Reasonable Pricing – before agreeing to a transaction, it is important to understand all the costs, especially if you are planning to import fabrics from abroad. Shipment costs, currency fluctuation, and VAT can all affect your bottom line.

Responsive Customer Service – any supplier can promise great service, but it is something that they need to fulfil after the agreement is signed. If you have questions about the current status of the order, the customer service staff must be able to quickly update you. If there are delays or issues, the staff must be able to provide an effective resolution.

Flexibility – a textile supplier may specialise in a few types of fabrics or production methods. Find out whether the supplier has the flexibility and capability to deliver specific types of fabric. It is a good sign if the supplier is capable of performing different production techniques and processes, especially those that your business needs.

Consistent Quality – if you are planning to order multiple batches, it is important that the supplier can maintain consistent quality. Random tests can be necessary to make sure that all batches meet the quality requirements as stated in the contract. Inconsistent quality will directly affect your furniture manufacturing process as well. Right from the outset, you need to agree on the level of tolerance. This prevents any dispute concerning any deviation in quality.

Value Added Services – a good supplier goes beyond delivering quality products at an acceptable timeframe. There should be additional services that increase the value of transactions and benefit your business operations. An ideal combination of fabrics, colours, production techniques, labelling, and packaging is important to ease production.

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